What Is Rehab/Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the process of healing or restoring the person’s mental, emotional and physical being. A well planned rehabilitation program, if attended seriously, can restore the person, emotionally and mentally. Physical healing will solely depend on the extent of abuse that has been caused to the body.

There are different types of rehabilitation, depending on the needs and requirement of the person. Rehabilitation is not restricted to person suffering from addiction. For e.g. a criminal or a juvenile delinquent can undergo prison rehabilitation, a sportsperson can undergo sports rehabilitation for restoring the body due to injuries, cognitive behavioral therapy is given to people suffering from brain injury etc. Those suffering from addiction undergo a rehabilitation program for alcohol abuse, narcotics abuse, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders etc.

Through a good rehabilitation program and center, an addict’s confidence, moral support, dignity, the ability to live, trust in others can be restored. Many such people stay under one roof and share their experiences, thoughts, ideas etc. Rehabs work towards restoration of the person’s mental and emotional well-being. Initially, all addicts are examined by doctors and a treatment plan is made to restore the person’s physical health. Medications are advised accordingly. Self-control, will determination, patience, trust and co-operation are required on an addict’s part to walk on the road of recovery, again.

There are several rehabilitation centers all over the world. Depending on the location of the addicted person, contact the center and seek all the necessary information. It is advisable to read reviews of the place or get in touch with some other addict’s family and get reviews about the rehabilitation center. Remember, every individual has the right to live and so does an addict.