Tips On Keeping Your Teens Out Of The Medicine Cabinet

Drugs are easy to get at home. Even though they are prescription and prescribed for a certain issue, they are a hazard for teens who are willing to do anything for an escape. Oftentimes, your teen has no clue what the medication does and has no knowledge of any potential side effects associated with the drug. The danger of serious medical problems can occur if some of those drugs are mixed with alcohol. But it is the denial of the parents, that often leads to blindness about what their teens are actually up to.

It is no longer as simple as stashing your prescription in the medicine cabinet and hoping your teen doesn’t grab it. You have to get smarter about storing your prescriptions pill bottles away from your teens. One option is to lock them up in a secure container and hide the key. It is essential that you do not allow open access to your prescription drugs even if their friends show up uninvited and unannounced.

Another thing you can do is to educate your teen about the potential hazards of your prescriptions. By educating them about the side effects and what happens if you mix it with certain things. You need to let your teens know that your prescriptions are to be used for a certain purpose.

Finally, you have to keep an accounting of your prescriptions. Dispose of the out of date ones and count the pills on the current ones. You responsibility in keeping record can be the difference between life and death for your teen.