Tips for Preventing Drug Abuse

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The old adage is no more appropriate than when talking about drug abuse. Not taking drugs is the easiest way to preventing addiction.

If you must take certain addictive drugs by prescription, use care when doing so. Although addictive drugs are often prescribed by doctors to help relieve pain, anxiety, nervousness, irritation and insomnia, they are prescribed at safe levels and monitored by the doctor.

Ways to Prevent Drug Abuse in Adolescents and Children

Communication – Discuss the risks of using and abusing drugs with your kids—and don’t stop.

Listening – Pay close attention to your children when they talk about peer pressure. Support and encourage them as they try to resist it.

Modeling good behavior – Don’t abuse drugs and alcohol. It’s easier for children to listen to you when you set a good example.

Way to Prevent Relapse

Avoiding high-risk situations – Don’t return to the places and hangouts where you used to get drugs and do drugs and don’t hang out with the people you did drugs with.

Get help immediately if you do relapse – Find a doctor or mental health provider as soon as possible so that you can get help before you go overboard.

Find a treatment plan and stick with it – Even if you think you’ve recovered, keep going to support groups and see a therapist. Take medication if it is has been prescribed to help keep you from taking drugs. You will be much more successful if you stay in treatment once you’ve recovered.