Tips For Dealing With Alzheimer’s Patients

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Alzheimer’s is a very cruel disease as it strikes out at the short term memories of brain. As it progresses, all thoughts of yesterday, last week, last month, and years are lost. Dealing with a person with the disease isn’t easy. They still have a very strong sense of independence. Perhaps, it is due to the perception that they are younger than they actually are. But whatever the reason, dealing with a Alzheimer patient means employing a lot of patience.

The most important tip is to listen to him or her. You have probably heard their stories about a thousand times but it is important that they know someone is listening to them. It gives them a sense of importance that someone cares enough to listen to their stories. Yes, it does require some patience to wait until the story is over.

Don’t expect them to remember even the simplest tasks. But do expect some frustration when they can’t remember how to do something. You have to help them work through this frustration but you need to it in such a way that the person doesn’t know you are helping. Perhaps, by walking through the actions first or giving them a nudge in the right direction. The key is to keep very calm in the face of mounting frustration. If it becomes too much, then give up the task or take a break. Come back to it later when the frustration levels come down.

Sometimes, you may have to write things down for them or set an alarm as a reminder for medication. If they forget, don’t get angry. Remember the disease is taking its toll and some days are better than others. But above all, keep your patience. They are on this roller coaster and can’t get off.