The Recent Rise of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is one of the most recent addictions to be recognized, along with Internet addictions. With the recent onslaught of celebrities coming forth to say they are admitted sex addicts– well-known individuals like Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and David Duchovny, for example — more and more people are seeking treatment and therapy for their sex addiction. They may recognize certain symptoms or similar circumstances to what these celebrities are experiencing. It’s also easier for a person to come forth with an addiction if they see it is a legitimate condition and not just an overactive sex drive. The thing is that almost anything can become addicting, depending on a how a person conditions themselves to receive that action. Sex addiction is just another addiction that can be cured with determination and therapy.

While it’s easy to classify sex addiction as a recent affliction, that’s not the case. Sex addiction has only been recently recognized and publicized. Think of serial rapists or child molesters. This is a variation of a compulsive, sexually-related addiction. Though not all sex offenders can be classified as having a sexual addiction, the majority do. Over seventy percent of child molesters are sex addicts. However, a person does not have to be illegally sexual to have a sex addiction. If you think you have a sexual addiction, that does not make you a sexual offender. It just means sexuality is a compulsive behavior for you, one that is hard to control and one that can manifest itself in many different ways.

It’s not some new onset brought on by internet pornography, although pornography does contribute to the affliction. Some people’s sex addiction only goes so far as constant masturbation or thoughts about sexuality. Other sexual disorders include a constant need and desire to have sex, with no consideration for other obligations or family members.