The Menace Of Drug Addiction

The biggest problem facing mankind apart from disease and illness is without doubt the menace of drug addiction or substance abuse. It has been with us for centuries together and the growth and sustenance of drug addiction is aided and abetted by some very powerful vested interests in the form of drug cultivators and their marketers who could be better referred to as “agents of death”.

Why do people fall a victim to drug abuse? This is a question which keeps haunting us every time we see a person suffering from drug addiction. The reasons could many such as peer support, fashion, and more importantly emotional and mental disturbances born out of a disturbed childhood or any previous experience which might drive a person toward this gory habit.

One of the most common causes of drug abuse is because of lack of love, affection and guidance in the house. This applies mostly to children and young teenagers who easily fall victim to this menace. Whenever a child does not find love and compassion in the home it becomes mentally disturbed and seeks solace outside the house. The drug peddlers and touts take advantage of this and make the child fall into the habit of drug abuse. So if the home front is filled with love and caring, lesser are the chances of youngsters falling into this avoidable trap.

However in spite of all this it is a fact that drug addiction is a serious social and economic problem and needs to be tackled head on. While preventive action is the best alternative, however once a person is confirmed as a drug addict, corrective action should be taken immediately. The person should be informed that he or she is a victim of drug addiction and the person’s support is needed very much to help him or her come out of this situation.