The Drug Craziness

When a person becomes hooked on an illicit substance, they tend to construct an entire world around themselves without even making an effort to do so. And while this world may seem to be completely sane to their drug addled mind, that is the very nature of drug craziness. The drugs that a person takes to get away from one reality, no matter how bad it may have been, tend to end up creating another reality that is just as bad. In some cases, it may end up being even worse. But of course, the very worst part of the entire thing is that the drug addicted person, in their state of drug craziness, might not even realize the extent to which their perception of life is being twisted by the drugs they grow to depend on.

See, very often a person will get into the drug using lifestyle because they have had a lot of bad things happen to them in the past. And while these things may have been life alteringly terrible at the time, the drugs that the person takes begin to have a sort of ripple effect which radiates far outward from (and often becomes worse than) the original incidents. While the past is something that you can never completely escape from, it is a place that you can rise above. Unfortunately, the drug craziness usually gets in the way of the addict’s ability to see this truth.

The worst part of the drug craziness is that it sets in very slowly. If your entire world happened to shift radically in a moment, you would see it as jarring and try to fight it. But the drugs can very easily just slide into a life. At first, they are nothing but a fun way to escape your problems. But after awhile, they are more about just feeling okay. And soon enough, they turn into a major component of your entire world.