More About Drug Addiction And Mental Health

Drug addiction is a malaise not only restricted to this country but has spread it’s dirty and dangerous tentacles across the entire world. The basic reason for drug addiction or substance abuse to grow in size and stature is without doubt the prevalence of a strong drug manufacturing and marketing mafia who are a ruthless bunch of people for whom profiting from human misery is their main objective.

Drug addiction affects all classes of people from the society irrespective of color, caste, creed or religion. However the younger generation especially young children and teenager are the most susceptible group and they fall easy victims to substance abuse or drug addiction. There are different types of drugs that are available for use and ranges from cocaine to marijuana, from LSD to crack and so on. Then there is the dangerous new found disaster called cocktail drug which is a mix of all drugs. It is really unfortunate that thousands of young lives are snuffed out by this bad practice.

Drug addiction is because of poor mental health. This condition could be a result of many factors which only the parents and of course drug rehab professionals can understand and analyze the best. But one look at the history of drug addicts would lead us to believe that a disturbed home atmosphere or a disturbed childhood may result in many teenagers from turning to drugs. So the best way to avoid this cancer from spreading is to create a good atmosphere in the home where love, compassion and an open environment thrives and grows.

If this is ensured it can be reasonably assumed that the menace of drug addiction would vanish from this planet in the none too distant future. However, if a person is a victim of drug addiction, rehabilitation is the first step which should be taken up in a good rehab center.