Mental Health Conditions

One cannot disregard the theory of the survival of the fittest. Yes, the same theory which one can that the only person who is fit not just physically but also mentally can only survive in this world. One gathers physical strength from the kind of food one eats. For being physically fit one needs to ensure to have healthy food which comprises of all essential nutrients that are required by the body. A healthy diet consists of all essential vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and also minerals. A healthy diet not only leads to healthy body but also a healthy mind and also wise.
The Mental health describes the emotional and cognitive level and well being of an individual. Mental health is based on the kind of surroundings one lives in and an individual’s ability to comprehend and understand any situation. Mental health describes how an individual thinks and the kind of decisions one takes.

Mental health is derived from psychology and the ability of an individual to enjoy his or her life and also maintain a balance between good and bad. The World Health Organization is an institution which works for promoting the welfare of the people so that they can cope with stress and all the problems in life. Every individual is entitled to make some or the other contribution towards the society in which he or she lives. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to develop the right sense of thinking and behaving.

Mental health of an individual depends on many factors. It largely depends on the parenting of the child and also depends on the abilities of the individual, capacity or strength to cope with stress and how productively and efficiently one can function. It is very important for an individual to maintain a balance between actions and thoughts.