Maintaining Awareness in the Face of Addiciton

Some people are definitely more prone to addictive behavior than others. One can debate whether this is a genetic trait or not, but for those that have a tendency to abuse a substance or anything else, often have a tendency toward addiction. This is not a debate on what causes addiction but rather a discussion of what one can do that knows they have a tendency toward addictive behaviors.

First of all, knowing whether or not you have addictive tendencies is important. How does one know. Well, a quick look at ones own history will surely give you a clue. Some questions to ask. Have you ever felt like you continued an action even though you didn’t think you should continue with it? In this case action can refer to taking drugs, gambling, eating and many other activities. Such activities are those that are engaged in and are a detriment to the individual and/or the people around them. Do you engage in activities even though you have told yourself in the past that they are no good for you? Consider your history if you question whether or not you have a tendency toward addictive behaviors, then it is good to stay aware.

By staying aware, one should consistently check in with one self to determine if you are engaging in activities to your detriment. By detriment it doesn’t mean you have to be broke and living on the street. Some people can have addictions and still function in society. It doesn’t mean that this person is really getting what they want from life or that the person is happy. So stay aware, this is best done by being open with yourself and friends and family. If you are hiding something from others, this is a key sign that you may have a problem. It is important to remember that you are not alone in your struggle with addiction and that there are plenty of people out there that can understand what you go through. If checking in with your self is not enough, seek another person to help you.