Is Your Spouse Addicted To Porn?

How do you know, really, without catching your spouse in the act? Most people know, or at least feel that something is not right in the relationship. However, there are signs that can give you a clue. There are some spouses who will turn their heads from the warning signs for fear of what they may find out, or because they may blame themselves for the problem. There are reasons why an addict becomes an addict but rarely is it ever the spouses fault.

Reasons for becoming a porn addict can be from poor self esteem, family problems from when they were children, abuse as a child, boredom, escape to a fantasy world, or just plain curiosity. There are more than just these reason’s given, sometimes simple and sometime’s not so simple, but these are a few.

Some warning signs can be pretty obvious and others not so obvious. Obvious signs would be like, finding a stash of hardcore DVD porn that you never knew existed, or a stash of magazines, frequent charges from phone sex operators or porn websites on your credit card or bank statements. Those are pretty obvious right?

How about these? When you and your spouse are intimate, is it rushed with no interest or emotion? Just quick and to the point with no time wasted in between. That could be a problem if it was never like that before. Does he or she care for your sexual needs while being intimate? Are you being asked to perform sexual acts that you are not comfortable with? This could be the not so obvious signs.

What do you do at this point? Discuss the issue with your spouse, it will very likely be denied, but you should discuss how it makes you feel. Ask your spouse to go with you to seek counseling. If he or she refuse, go yourself, or go to an SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) meeting near you.