How to Stay Off Alcohol

Congratulations! You’re sober. Achieving sobriety is one of the toughest things you’ll have to undergo in your life, but there is something that can be even harder: staying on the wagon. You deserve all the credit in the world for kicking your alcohol addiction. Yet you’re going to have to fight with the ghosts of your previous addiction for your entire life. That is going to be a difficult and long battle, but if you’re realistic about yourself and your goals, you will win your war with alcohol.

Tips for Kicking the Habit for Good

  1. Identify your weak spots.
    When do you reach for alcohol? Is it when you’re bored? Is it when you’re stressed? Is it when you’ve received a huge blow, like a lost job or a painful break-up? Is it when you feel lonely? You need to identify these times. Do not say to yourself, “today’s been a bad day, I deserve a drink.” You never deserve a drink. It should not be a reward. Find other outlets for your stress or grief. Pick up new habits, make new friends, explore other hobbies. When your life is filled with other life lines, you won’t need to reach for the bottle.
  2. Enlist your family and friends.
    Tell them to talk you out of drinks. Let them know that they shouldn’t suggest drinks, ever. You want to stay sober and you don’t need the temptation. If you’re about to drink, call a friend first. They may be able to come over, meet you somewhere, and take your mind off the temptation. Even just talking to someone can help relieve the craving. Remember that alcohol will not make everything better–it will only make it worse.