Helping Elderly Parents With Their Prescriptions

For some inexplicable reason, as we age the number of prescriptions goes up exponentially. This is true for elderly parents. Helping them keep track of their prescriptions is essential but extremely stressful. For those parents who need just a little help with their prescriptions, it might be a simple mattering of helping them set up a schedule.

You can usually acquire a pill case that accommodates your parent’s needs. If you have both of them, be sure to label which one is mom’s and which one is dad’s. Help them by sorting each medication into the slot for the day or watching them do it. Keep a list handy so that you know that all of the pills are in there. Depending on your parent’s independence helping them with this task may mean taking more of a supervisory role.

If your parent’s use a timer, check the batteries and make certain that it is set correctly. This ensures that they are at least hearing the alarm on time. But depending on their needs, you may have to call them or visit them to make certain that they are getting their necessary medication. If you can’t be there, have a friend or contact a home health care service to keep an eye on them.

It might also be best to keep a list of their medications with you for doctor’s visits and hospital stays. This is to simply minimize confusion and lessen the stress of them having to recall a whole list of what they are on. Remember, you can only help as much as they allow you.