Finding The Strength To Deal With Addiction

It is tough to beat an addiction. The battle wages in the brain between need and the desire to stop. Unfortunately, the need outweighs and shuts down all thoughts of stopping. Then you give in and all of those good intentions disappear in the wind. Finding the strength to deal with the guilt, pain, and the haze of addiction is very difficult. The strength to stop is washed away in the face of the addiction. But when you are searching for the strength, you have to dig through the layers of all the damage done by the addiction.

The most potent strength comes from inside yourself. But you first you have to win the battle with yourself. However, it isn’t just one battle, you constantly have to reassert your control over the addiction. You have to acknowledge within yourself that you want to take control and that you have a problem. Getting help is easy. Telling yourself you need help and believing it is very difficult.

You can also draw strength from those who love you the most. However, don’t expect them to be happy or welcome you with open arms. After all, they were the targets of your lashing out, your mood swings, and whatever else you yelled at them. But if they are family, they will do what they can to help provide you the strength you need. Just don’t expect automatic trust. They also have deal with the hurt that you caused them.

It is not very easy to find the strength to win against addiction, especially when the addiction shuts everything else. Strength is about accepting the ugly truth about yourself and recognizing the problem within yourself. Then it is about the courage to take the steps to get help. The courage to face the damage you did to loved ones and yourself. The battle is continuous and you can’t let your guard down for a minute.