Drugs Are Not the Only Thing Your Kid Can Be Addicted To

teenager-drug addicts
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There are many warnings about how to tell if you kid is addicted to drugs, or how to tell if you kid is drinking. In the American society, one can find all sorts of facts and figures about how many kids end up addicted to drugs like cocaine and heroin, crack or alcohol. There is also many reports on the rate of anorexia or bulimia, but it is hard to find facts on other things kids can become addicted to, namely video games and the internet.

At times it can be overwhelming, sitting in a restaurant or at a college graduation, and see the number of individuals attached to their phones as if they are monitoring their vitals and are worried they are too close to cardiac arrest. In many homes, without constant monitoring and strict rule enforcement, video games can occupy a child to a damaging degree. It is not so important to find out at what rate children are becoming addicted to electronics, but what is important is that we as a society take notice. Is it creating a happy and healthy community to see the number of hours our children spend engrossed in a computer game, a TV show, a text message, a music player, on the internet.

What we want for our children is that they successfully find happiness and are able to care for themselves one day. It appears that for some kids overuse leading to an addiction to electronics could inhibit or even block the opportunity that they find what all of us want for our children. The signs of electronic addiction can be similar to those of substance addiction, and it is up to the parents to teach their children effective use of electronics. Sometimes electronics are for entertainment, but it should always be remembered that electronics are not a source of fulfillment, only a tool we use in our daily life, an object, that’s it.

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