Don’t Treat Yourself With Natural Herbal Medicine, Yet

“When is it time to give up the antidepressants?” “Can the doctor know better than I, if I’m ready or not?” These are normal questions and fears, and it’s now recommended that the patient continue to take medication well after remission. Nobody has studied the effects of slowly reducing the dose to back off the medication yet, but statistics suggest a higher risk of relapse in patients that do it that way.

Today it’s trendy to be more green in all ways, and that includes stopping the act of putting impure things in the body. Patients begin to feel well and want to stop taking the meds and treat themselves with herbs. A doctor may disagree, and the patient may do it without his knowledge, anyway.

Natural Herbal Medicine can kill You

Many people still have the false idea that herbs are harmless, yet they want to use them to treat themselves. Herbs are powerful medicines; they can kill when a doctor doesn’t know what the patient is taking and he prescribes a drug that has an adverse reaction to the herbal medicine being taken at home.

Medicines stay in the body for some time, especially when taken regularly, and so do herbs. Look at Self-Heal (prunella vulgaris); it’s touted to heal all, but the tea shouldn’t be taken 6 weeks before surgery due to it’s ability to thin the blood. Look at marijuana; 4-6 weeks till it’s out of the body.

It doesn’t take a scientist to know that herbs are real medicine. It’s just that generally people don’t know much about the herb when they first try it. A woman in Las Vegas said she found one that said it treats insomnia, so she bought some. She took it as directed, and was kept up with huge hives and swollen-shut eyes. It was because the herbal medicine reacted to the high blood pressure medicine she also took at bedtime.

Don’t self medicate with herbs, it’s dangerous.